Who created this site?

The reunion committee.

 What will happen to this site after the 2011 reunion?

Harris Bookfor loaned the Reunion Committee money to pay for this site until the 2011 Reunion occurs and funds the site. The site will be active until the 2011 Reunion. The Reunion Committee will maintain the database. Pricing for this site is listed on the web site's homepage. The committee will ask for donations to perpetuate this site. We will seek alternatives if the site can't be maintained after the Reunion. We own the domain name "NEHS76.info" for at least three years.

I spend time on other Social Media Sites or I don't have the time to update this site...  Why should I invest in time in this site?

Simple: Your classmates need you. If you can help one friend from the past connect with another friend by inputting information, it could really benefit someone. Maybe you.

How do I improve this site?

Please email suggestions to the Webmaster: hbookfor@gmail.com

Can I obtain a copy of the Class of 76 Yearbook?

I would contact the alumni association at NEHS. If no infomation is available, please set up an auto search on Ebay.

Will the next reuion be good? I would like to attend. 

Please join the committee and be active. You can play a very important role in planning the evening. 

Can I receive a breakdown of the costs totalling $70.00 for the reunion?

Yes, at some time in the future, before the reunion, the costs will be made available in a PDF file. It can be emailed.