Margaret Purr Zernone

Profile Updated: June 2, 2014
Residing In: Bridgeport, PA USA
Spouse/Partner: Francis J. Zernone, Sr.
Homepage: Facebook
Occupation: Production Supervisor
Children: Laurie, born 1975
Patricia, born 1977
Nicholas & Francis, born 1979 (identical twins)
Yes! Attending Reunion
List major life achievements,

Married in 1975 and have been for 33 years. 4 children. Twelve grandchildren. 1 great-grandchild. Moved out of Philadelphia in 1978. Lived in Norristown, Pa for 27 years then to Bridgeport, PA. Held various jobs over the years from bartender to club manager to personal secretary. Began working as an assembler of electrical truck harnesses in 1997 and became a supervisor in 2007. My proudest accomplishment would be the ability to hold my family together for all these years. And to have them respect me for the values that they have learned from me.

I guess my greatest would be that I have worked my way into the Supervisor position where I work on my own merit. I am the only female supervisor in the entire plant and I had to fight to get the promotion. But I did it without any help and that gives me the ability to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. It may have come a little late in life, but I'll take it anyway.

What is the Furthest You've Been From Home?

Trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit my mother's side of the family in 1981. Swore to never travel with small children again!

To CTCA in Tulsa, Oklahoma from October 15, 2013 - October 31, 2014.

What Do You Do In Your spare Time?

What spare time???

Any Vices?

Not any more. Have relieved myself of all, and I mean all as of 6 years ago. Now I am the dd (designated driver) at all outings. I figured I had my fun, now let others have theirs!

Who Did You Have A Crush On, Date, Or Marry From High School?

Rather not say.

What Teacher or High School class Influenced You In Your Life?

Teacher I had in Junior history class. He always had time to help you with a problem, whether it was scholastic or personal. I can't remember his name (age will do that to you) but the memory will always be with me.

Your favorite vehicle?

Since I just started driving 7 years ago and have owned to Escorts out of three cars, I would have to say Ford Escort.

Favorite Music/Artist

Chris Daughtry / Beyonce / Shinedown

I am partial to Top 40 Pop and Rock.

Best vacation

Still the two weeks I take to North Wildwood every year.

Highest level of education?

Just High School. Never had time to take it any further.


Alaina, born 1994
Christopher, born 1995
James, born 1996
Jessica, born 1997
Matthew, born 1998
Joseph, born 1998
Francis III, born 1998
Brooks, born 2000
Nicholas Jr., born 2003
Alyssa, born 2006
Haley, born 2008
Mason, born 2012
Great Granddaughter Lilliana, born 2013

High school friends you still speak with regulary.

Maryanne (Matijasic) Sharkey (Frankford High)

Not too many others. Just starting to reconnect.

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